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Louise L. Hay Trained

Louise L. Hay, with whom I trained personally in 1990, was known for stating that there was only one problem in life, people believing the words ‘I’m not good enough’.

I was certainly one of those people who believed this, even while life was offering me opportunities to think differently. Ever felt like that?

I mean, I had a successful counselling practice as a result of being trained with Louise, and two years of counselling studying; I had masses of practice in leading groups; and along with my husband Philip, I'd started our second business, Green Pages, an alternative publishing venture for Oxfordshire, where we were based.

First Book

By 1997 I had published my first book, Choose Your Thoughts, Change Your Life, with wonderful endorsements from both Louise, and from Robert Holden on the cover. (This is the one I am currently updating, can't wait to get that out again!) I also recorded a couple of tapes (remember those?) and was running You Can Heal Your Life workshops all over the UK and in Europe for several years.

In 2003 my husband Philip became very ill with ME. We were forced to re-look at our attitudes to finance and money, as he couldn’t work and clearly wasn’t going to be able to for the foreseeable future. We changed our lives dramatically by selling the Clinic in 2004; this meant we had a significant sum in the bank account and I discovered I was terrified of it!

Hence real rich thinking began, as I had to think very differently about money, wealth, riches and business, and I began to develop much more mental wealth, alongside business strategies and financial knowledge. We learnt more again when we lost everything in the credit crunch in Ireland in 2007, what a time that was...

Eventually I retrained as a coach when we moved to Scotland, near what was then the Findhorn Foundation community.

Gifted By Grief

In December 2011 Philip died, after a year with cancer, which totally stopped me in my tracks.

By now I was coming to terms with being a very different sort of person in the world. I had found my tribe in the NE of Scotland, and consequently when I wrote Gifted By Grief: A True Story of Cancer, Loss and Rebirth, I felt only slightly apprehensive about sharing some of the many weird and wonderful epiphanies that happened in the year after his death.

But life has a way of taking you on a different path to what you had thought you were on, doesn't it?

It turned out readers of this book were interested in the questions I had asked Philip before he died; very practical questions to do with preparing well for a good death, and to make life easier for those coming afterwards.

Thus I founded Before I Go Solutions, a not for profit which helps people make good end of life plans well before they are really needed, and wrote Before I Go (see picture). Over the years, I had learnt loads about all kinds of marketing, including digital, and was able to put it into practice fully.

The Next Chapter

After Philip died, I promised myself that I would keep my heart open and not succumb to any poor thinking as regards not being able to be happy again (it did take a while - the grief was far more massively impactful than I could have imagined, despite being trained in bereavement as a result of being a counsellor).

Eventually I met Ian, whom I got married to in between lockdowns. We have been building a new life and a new house together for the last several years.

In 2022, I had the first inkling it might be time to release running Before I Go Solutions, and I let it go into the very capable hands of James Barrett of MyGoodbyes.

I continue as a director and am happy to carry on promoting this work, while I develop my new books, and have a few coaching/mentoring clients.

Then to round off that year, I won Scotland's Woman of Inspiration Award! That was a lovely way to bring that year to a close.

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